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Go Go Gadjet

[Roll on 1 for Gadjet …. 3-2-1]

Blindin flash, hit the lights
Feel the quake, dub arms at the ready ……

and DROP!

Evolution does exist ….. The evolution of Go Go Gadjet is constant. Progess or die.

A life long love of producing the hottest grooveable environments has led the five members comprising
Gadjet into the open arms of clubs. A match made in heaven, for all involved. Unrivaled energy –
musicianship and passion = an unforgettable evening.

The sights, sounds and energy of the hottest dance clubs in the world are brought TO you every night.
The same cutting edge tracks ….. all LIVE. Bring yourself on out and experience Go Go’s magic for
yourself …..

See it.
Feel it.
Love it.

[End transmission…]

Performance Date:
Act Type: Band
Web Site: http://www.gogogadjet.com
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