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DJ Neekola

Dropping the hottest tracks out there and changing the world at a rate of 128 beats per minute, that’s how DJ Neekola rolls.

With years of experience under her belt, Neekola has spun records as well as the globe itself, performing in Switzerland, Argentina, Spain, up and down the East Coast, and more, while nowadays calling Washington, D.C. her home base.

Spending most of her youth in Long Island, NY and Richmond, VA, Neekola was immersed in a music lifestyle from a very young age, watching her mother perform in a band on a regular basis. She was fascinated by the production process and fell in love with the idea of making music herself. Her career started on a slightly geekier note, however, but pulled it off in a decidedly cool manner, as she studied computer science abroad in Germany and Italy and landed a job as a hacker for the US government. But the music kept calling.

She toyed with DJing through school and her early 20s, but it was a fateful one-on-one encounter one night with world renowned DJ Christopher Lawrence at a DC show in 2004 that set the turntables in her mind in fast forward. After receiving some sage words of advice from her hero, Neekola started studying music and DJing in her spare time, all while finishing school and working full time. However, in 2009, Neekola realized it was time to focus on her destiny and drop her stable promising career with the US government to pursue the risky business of making music and becoming a DJ. Fast forward to 2011, Neekola has developed into one of DC’s biggest DJs and landed a number of impressive national and international gigs in a short couple years.

Performance Date:
Act Type: DJ
Web Site: http://www.djneekola.com
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