DJ Sabeel Chohan


At the core of Deep House music and Tech music, Washington D.C. based artist DJ Sabeel Chohan is someone who blends different sounds, styles and scenes with melodic ease.


"It's not just a string of sounds, it's about how the music takes you into a deeper journey." states Chohan.  "Music is the rhythm that every heart beats to and drives those heartfelt feelings we hold dear. For it is the only language that the world relates to."


Attending the many closing parties in Spain, Chohan has harnessed the fresh Ibiza and European flavors into the heart of DC's underground nightlife scene resulting in various resident spots on Ibiza Global Radio, Ibiza Live Radio, and Deeper Sounds Radio (London).   Although Deep House, Tech House, Techno and House are her passion and specialty; her diverse range has allowed her entrance many crowds with her sets.


DJ Sabeel Chohan can be experienced in the EDM party, Chesapeake rooms 1-3.