DJ Tova has been a professional DJ since 1998, but her facination and dedication to music was evident very early on. As she grew up, so did her unqiue obesession with music. In the 90’s Tova’s musical path went into high gear. Through the influence of Hip-Hop’s “Golden Era,” her focus shifted from listening and studying music, to discovering her place within it. With the spark of Hip-Hop she then bought her first pieces of dj equipment, and dedicated countless hours to practicing and devloping her skills well beyond urban sounds. ”Hip hop is what brought me in, but after a while discovered that the djs I really liked were the ones who could mix it up. I found it more interesting to play different genres and It takes a lot more skill.” Tova has played all over DC at Venues including Little Miss Whiskeys, The Brixton, Wonderland Ballroom, Marvin, Saint Ex, Jimmy Valentines Lonely Heart Club and the Black Whiskey. Check her out if you appreciate an eclectic mix of music: hip hop, funk, rock, 80's/90's electronic and house music.

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