What time can I enter the event, based upon my ticket type?


Entry times do depend on your ticket type:  For your convenience, you may get your credentials starting at 2 PM the day of the event (except for the "After 11PM" ticket holders) - you are not required to check-in at this time, just an option for you - and entry times are as follows:

  • Main Event Late Entry: 11 PM (credentials for this entry type cannot be obtained until 11:00PM the night of the event)

  • Main Event (No Food): 9 PM

  • Main Event Food: 9 PM

  • VIP: 9 PM

  • POSE Club: 8:30 PM (into POSE Club - entrance on lobby level near main hotel entrance)

  • Velvet Rope - Cherry Blossom: 8:30 PM (into the Cherry Blossom Ballroom)

Please note that traffic around/entry into National Harbor will be very heavy due to New Year's Eve, the size of this event,  and the popularity of this area - please plan according so as to arrive at your planned time.

What is the layout of the event and seating arrangements?

The Main Event areas are more of a reception-style event - encompassing the Gaylord's vast Ballroom Complex w/ extremely limited seating for the Main Event tickets to maximize event space and comfortable crowd flow. However, there are more open seating areas available in the VIP sections for the vast majority of the VIPs. If seating is of concern, VIP is the way to go.  There is also open-seating for POSE ticket holders in POSE Club, and designated tables for the Cherry Blossom - Velvet Rope ticket type in the Cherry Blossom Ballroom.​​

I can’t find my event tickets, or I typed in the incorrect email address when purchasing tickets:

Eventbrite, the ticketing agency, has a solution for you. Click here for help finding your tickets

Does the name on the ticket have to match the attendee's ID? 

The name on the ticket does not have to match the name on the ticket holder's ID, as long as the ticket scans properly.  The only instance where this would be an issue, is if the ticket does not scan properly.  In this case, we would need to deal with the ticket purchaser directly.  If the ticket purchaser is with you when you check in, and you encounter a ticket issue, you & the purchaser can visit our "Ticket Issue" line in the event registration area.    

How do I change the names on tickets, or transfer a ticket to someone else?

You can transfer a ticket to someone else, or you can change the name on the tickets. To do so, please follow the ticket agency's instructions, and Click Here.

Access into the Gaylord Hotel:  

Starting at 9:00pm on December 31, the Gaylord will only allow entry into the hotel to patrons who either:

1.  have proof of their name associated with a sleeping room at the Gaylord the night of 12/31 (a valid Gaylord room key, or your name on the Gaylord's rooming list).


2.  have valid proof of an entry ticket for the Big Night DC New Year’s Eve event.

If you are staying at the Gaylord, for ease of entry, please make sure you have added all names to the Gaylord’s rooming list for people staying in your room on Dec 31, and that you have also given them a key to your room.  You may add or change names to your room reservation through your Gaylord room confirmation email by clicking “update now” or “click here”. You will then be able to modify the number of guests in your room and add or edit names. If you cannot find your confirmation email, or have trouble editing/adding names, you may call the Gaylord at 1-877-491-0468.

If entering the Gaylord after 9:00pm, for whatever reason, please make sure you can readily provide one of the two approved entry methods, noted above, to Gaylord security at any of the hotel entrances.  

Is there a coat check at this event?


Yes! And coat check is complimentary.  Please bring your cell phone when checking/picking up your coat.

I purchased multiple event tickets for other people. Can I pick up tickets for the others for which I purchased tickets, or does each attendee have to be present at check-in?

Each person must be present at time of check-in.  Since this event is 21 & over, every person must have their own ID checked, as well as have their own unique, scannable event ticket.


What is the refund policy?


The ticket agency has a strict No Refund policy (all sales are final). You can however sell/transfer tickets to someone else. If you would like to transfer your ticket(s) to someone else, or change the names on your ticket(s), please Click Here.

What is the dress code?


There is no formal dress code enforced, however, we want people looking their best. Creative, upscale attire is definitely encouraged! Gentlemen: range from club attire to black tie. Ladies: range from stylish cocktail attire to formal gowns.

What must I bring to the event?

Your Big Night DC Eventbrite ticket.  Also, this is an adult-only event (over 21), and all attendees are required to bring an up-to-date, Government-issued photo ID with date of birth, and a smile. VERY IMPORTANT: You must be present with your ID and ticket.  You may not check-in someone else for this event. 

What is the age minimum for this event, and how are Horizontal IDs handled?


The event is for adults only (over 21), and includes all you would expect in top-notch service from the award-winning Gaylord staff.  All attendees are required to bring is their valid, up-to-date, Government-issued photo ID with date of birth.   VERY IMPORTANT: You must be present with your ID and ticket. You may NOT check-in someone else for this event.  Valid, horizontal/vertical IDs are acceptable, as long as your valid ID proves you are at least 21 years of age.  We will have security checking IDs, and PG County police will also be on site throughout the Gaylord and event areas.

Do you offer a designated driver/non-drinker discount?

Unfortunately we cannot offer a designated driver ticket option or a discounted ticket option for non-drinkers due to the layout of the event.  All event areas offer open bar, and there is not way to monitor a drinker vs. a non-drinker.

This event looks exciting! How do I get tickets?

We agree! Tickets are available now! Click here to purchase your tickets and more information.

I have a group of people that want to go to the event. Is there a group rate?

Absolutely! We currently offer group rates for VIP tickets. Click here

This event is huge. How do I know where to go and what to do?

We understand. We have created a program and map to help you navigate the space: click here

What is the difference between the Pose Ticket and the Velvet Rope-Cherry Blossom Ticket?

  • The Cherry Blossom Ticket has reserved tables. The Pose Ticket has limited, open seating

  • The Cherry Blossom Ticket has access to Pose Club, but the Pose ticket does not have access to the Cherry Blossom Ballroom

  • Pose is more of a club atmosphere while the Cherry Blossom is more of a reserved seating, dining environment.

What is the typical makeup of attendees?

The event typically attracts a mid-20's to early 40's crowd, but anyone over 21 years old is of course welcome. People travel in from around the country for the event, so the event has a nice diversity to it. There is typically a 50/50 split of singles and couples, as well as a pretty even split of women and men. There are  distinct party areas and a variety of entertainment so there is always something for everyone.