Max Hodges

While many remember him from his six year run on TMZ’s show or his time on, Family Guy and  Millionaire Matchmaker, Max Hodges is much more than a reality TV surfer dude. With a taste for adventure, Hodges couldn’t sit behind a desk working at a news outlet anymore. He has loved traveling his whole life, visiting Morocco, Cuba, Tahiti, Thailand, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Galapagos and throughout Europe. He even helped build schools in Central America and Ecuador. He only stopped his world travels and settled down in his home state of California when a family member needed his help. This turned out to be the right decision for him since he feels at home in California, especially while riding the waves. Though he spends plenty of time surfing, he also gets up early every morning to invest in stocks. While people know him for his flamboyant TV personality, he is down to Earth and relatable to many people. You may even see him shopping at the Salvation Army! Although his career path has never been simple, he knows his passion for travel and interacting with new people are more important to him than working behind a desk. Though he’s waiting to find the right career, his enthusiasm for world travel and embracing life and culture could become his next venture. Ultimately, Max just loves to make people laugh. He enjoys meeting new people and is excited to being a brand ambassador for Big Night America New Year's Eve 2018.